Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DI Finds

I am participating in Dalomba Days Goodwill Wednesdays! Check it out over there and see some more awesome finds! I got this tray(?) at the DI last week for $1. I love the shape, and just KNOW it has some serious cuteness potential, but it hasn't come to me yet. . my creativity has been a little hindered by the hideousness of this.. I laugh every time I see the cherubs on the side.. I'm very open for all your creative ideas! What color(s) do I paint this thing??

Aaahhh! Why the cherubs??

Many of you have already seen my other recent Goodwill finds. All the frames I'm using for my jewelry holders, being sold at Andy's PoppiesatPlay Craft Market have been bought at the DI. I don't have the before's, but they were all plain old ugly wooden picture frames, that we've painted, and have just put in cup hooks and plastic canvas. There's a million different ways you DIY-ers can change them up to fit your own personal style. At approx $2 each frame, it's pretty much a steal with what you can create!!

Those are just a few of the MANY we've made (my cute mom and I), so get creative!
Goodwill finds are the best!!


Brittany said...

i recently did a tray similar to that one and painted it black and put scrapbook paper on the bottom.

i love the jewelry screens. maybe that should be my next project??

thanks for linking up today!!

Gail said...

That's for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. There's a lot out there in blogland of what others have done to trays. I have a tray on my suitcase footstool with my grandsons pictures on the inside.


Andy Porter said...

Those are looking so C.U.T.E!!! What a cool idea and I love how you've made so many different styles. How fun!! I just cut vinyl pics and use them as stencils. I'd be happy to make you some f.d.l. when you come over next Sat. Just remind me:) I also have a stamp you can borrow and just mail back to me when you're done. It's kind of smaller, but I'll let you take a look at it.