Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, I'm a bum - oh and a gorgeous candy dish!

I knew it'd been a while since I've posted, but I didn't realize it's been THIS long, holy cow! Oh well, starting fresh!

This is another one of those candy dishes that I tried before, and this one turned out great, I love it! I found a green glass candlestick holder, and just had to have it! It went perfectly with the black dishes I also found at the thrift store. Another $1.50 gift, we put together with treats and a card for my MIL for Christmas. Maybe it's just me, but even though it didn't cost a lot, I think it's a pretty nice gift! I'd be thrilled to receive one, so I hope I don't seem too cheap. Anyways, just glued them with E6000. I just wanted to post this, so you could see a different color candlestick option with the green, and also to see it with the bowl on top instead of the two plates. Yay! I love it!


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Andy Porter said...

Yay! How've you been! I love the green candlestick and I'm totally jealous that you found it:) It looks great with the black. Very elegant! Great way to create a nice, but inexpensive gift!
Have a great Val day this weekend!