Monday, July 25, 2011

Classified ad fanatic!

My husband might say I'm a little crazy when it comes to ads online in the local classifieds. I was just telling him tonight when I found a new electric hand saw online, that I think I know what it feels like to be on drugs! Does anyone know what I mean?? Like that natural high, almost giddy feeling when my heart is racing in my chest, and I'm like smiling to myself, trying to keep from jumping up and down and clapping when I find an awesome deal!? Oh, the hunt is a wonderful thing. Anyways, here are a few of my favorite pieces I found last year when we were moving, from the classifieds.

Sorry, not the best pictures, but this entertainment center was a steal I found online, where one EXACTLY like it sold for $125 that day, and I got this one for $50. I was lucky because it didn't have the greatest photo posted, so it probably got passed up by a lot of people not opening up the ad. I love it! Make sure you look in the ad if it's a possible gem, or call and ask for better photos!

Next, I had just sold our old, ugly, fabric chairs on rolling brass wheels (handed down to us kindly by my grandma when we got married) and matching kitchen table set, in a community yard sale for $70 (yeah, call me LUCKY) and then I found this awesome table online in the classifieds for $80. YAY! I'd say $10 was pretty good. It came with 6 chairs, so I have the other two elsewhere in the house, and they come in handy when we have people over.

I love the sanded down finish!

Ok people, this is my favorite! I wanted a matching set of couches because we had in our living room a large, TOO large, Love Sac, that took up practically the whole living room after it had been lain (?) layed? on a few times, and then we had a nice mocha colored microfiber loveseat. Both cute, both comfortable, but I didn't like them together. I sold the loveseat for $125 and the love sac for $140, making my total budget for new couches $265.

I searched and searched, and in the classifieds online, I found this black, matching leather set from a dr.'s office lobby going out of business. The guy told me to make him an offer. $150? I asked.... He accepted! That means, I made a total of $115 PROFIT! Waahooo! I think that's a bargain!


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