Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Adorable playroom

My mom will be posting some of her projects once in a while, cause like I said before, sometimes I am too busy, (most of the time) and don't have enough projects of my own to post, so this way, I have more brains and creativity from others to help fill up my blog! Anyways, she has been working on a new little table and chairs for the room underneath her stairs, for my daughter, who is her only granddaughter. (so far) Here's Julie's post and pic about the results!

I painted this playroom under the stairs almost 10 years ago, and since
my granddaughter is almost 3 yrs old, I decided I wanted to finish the
table so she could really use it. I already had a small round table,
(the cheap kind with screw on legs) that I cut and painted and my
husband attached it to the wall with hinges so it can be put up or down.
The chairs I found at the DI for $1 each. I sanded the rusty spots, and
then used metallic spray paint on the legs and sewed the slip covers.

Way to go Mom!! She makes it sound so easy! It turned out seriously cute, and my daughter Jayci LOVES it! Great job!!


Cupkateer said...

so cute. How does your mom fold it back up? I love the idea of a folding child's table especially in a small space.

Jane said...

So cute! Love the idea of a little room under the stairs. So cozy!