Friday, September 18, 2009

Cute and easy fall Decor

Posts by Julie:

I saw a fall floral arrangement at 'Big Lots' that I really liked, but
didn't want to spend $10 that day. It looked simple enough and I figured
I could re-create it if I could find the twigs to make the base with. I
checked at the DI and found this easter wall hanging ($1) that had just
what I wanted, so I bought it and took it apart. I bundled the sticks,
tied them tightly with a scrap of bias tape a little above the halfway
point, then added 3 floral picks that I got at the dollar store. I didn't
glue them, just poked them among the sticks which was sturdy enough to
keep them in place. Then I tied it with a satin ribbon (I found a grab
bag at the fabric store that had 15- 2yd ribbons for 77 cents!) I tried
several colors, but am still wondering if a sheer burgundy ribbon would
look better. Anyway, I saved $6 and had fun making it myself.




How gorgeous is that?! I love that she completely reused those sticks and made something totally different.. and WAY cuter! Great job mommy!


Dave & Shauna said...

So cute Mom!! Now will you make me one?? Thanks! Love you.

Brittany said...

thanks for stopping by! rotel is tomatoes and green chilies in a can. i guess in the south we always call it by the brand and not the product. :)

Linds said...

GET OUT! I love it! I love even more that it was a recycle project! TRASH TO TREASURE!
Hey Steph I just nominated you for a blog award! Come check it out!

P.S. I made a button for ya if you want it.