Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cold Saturday morning + Estate Sale = Very Happy Me!!

My mom and I braved the cold and went out yard sale-ing early Saturday morning. We found this estate sale, and I'm SO glad we went there first!
We found some AWESOME stuff! I was so excited! I've been looking to change the colors in my room, instead of burgundy (which it's been for 5 years) changing it to Aqua, Gray, White and Black. I found the most gorgeous blue jars/vases (?) for a buck each!

I also got some milk glass vases to put in my room as well, .50c each!

Some cute little pewter sugar and cream cups (they need a little bit of shining) but they were very cute for .50c each. Also that little blue glass vase was .50 to go in my mom's bathroom.

I thought at first this was like a door knocker thing, but my husband convinced me that it's like a hand-towel holder. I just thought it would make a cool thing to hang on my wall. I've since painted it black. Love it!

I also picked up this foot stool type thing for $2, which I've also painted black. I'm planning on putting a little cushion on it, so it doesn't look so outdated. But I think the black paint already has made a world of difference! It went from 70's looking.. to updated and modern, I love the circle design!

In this picture, you can also see a bag of wooden dowels, .50 and some socks that my mom had to buy for me cause she felt bad that I was in sandals and freezing cold.. ha ha What are moms for. Also, do you see that rediculously awesome frame around everything?? I got that at the next yard sale.. $4! I was going to just lean it against a wall by itself, but then I thought it would make an AWESOME faux headboard with some wood, batting and delicious fabric! Hopefully that project coming soon.

I just love how it's old and chipped looking, I don't want to change it at all, I don't think. Mmmm, isn't that pretty..

-Later, we did get some more awesome deals, I also got a great umbrella stroller with a canopy for $4

-My mom got a PERFECT condition changing table for $15! (for one of my sisters when they have kids) It's gorgeous!

-She also got a baby swing, a nice one with the mobile, lights, music, etc, for 5 BUCKS! Woo hoo!

-She also got new towels for one of her bathrooms for $3 new.

-She also got a very cool little cupboard with windows on it to make my daughter a finger puppet stage.. more on that to come!! $3!

-I also got a super awesome clock, it's so fabulous, I can't even describe it, but I don't have a picture of it and it's dark and late and cold and it's in my car, so I'll have to post it later, but it was only $2!!

I thought I'd just throw this cute little thing in here cause I love it, I just found it at the DI for .50c, it was white, and I spray painted it black.. now it's going on my wall too!

Yard sales are the best, I'm so sad the season's almost over!!


Anonymous said...

Oh you did so good. It just makes all the difference in the world when you paint it, doesn't it? I love the frame too! I'm going to have a project in a few days incorporating a very similar frame. Well, rest up -- another weekend is coming up!

Becca Jane said...

Yard sales are the best!! I love your blog!
Excited for the Boutique! :)