Monday, October 12, 2009

Frankenstein and Dracula! The Pillar People..

(posts by Julie)

When we finished our house, I wanted to decorate for the holidays with something unique and fun, so I made these 'pillar people' for Halloween. I have put them up every October for 11 years, but they had become so faded that I didn't put them up last year, and boy did I hear about it
from the neighbor kids! So rather than start over, (I really don't have time right now to make new ones) I decided to do a quick touch up with some acrylic paint so I could hang them up one more time.

Before the touch-ups
(The cut out part on the frankenstein is where the gutter sits too close to the pillar, I couldn't slide it between them so I had to cut the fabric.)

I painted over the pant lines, (the faded pants just look grey as long as the lines are dark) the purple vest and coat, and the green face and hands. You can't tell from a distance, but the paint didn't cover the purple very well, it didn't spread well over the double-knit. Also, the green is a little brighter than I like, but oh well, it was quick. The frankenstein face and hands fabric is a rip-stop nylon and the paint went on smoothly there, maybe I'll fix the color when I take them down.

After the touch-ups

I also have 'tin soldiers' for Christmastime, and ideas for a set of people for Thanksgiving. We'll see if I find any time to put them together!

Aren't those awesome!!? (GREAT JOB MOM, I LOVE THOSE!!)

I'm participating in ASPTL DIY Day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie! I love this blog! Such a great idea! I have totally been searching for that cafe rio pork and salad dressing recipe! I am so glad to have found it, now I can save a little money and do it myself!
Brittney Clark

Eileen said...

Those really are adorable! I think I'll try my hand at a few people myself! Thanks for the inspiration!