Monday, December 7, 2009

Chair - finished like 2 months ago! Sorry!

I haven't posted in over a month, that's SAD! Here are the before and after pics of the chair I redid for my Mother in law's B-day. The after pictures aren't as good as I wanted them to be, you can't see the distressing at all, but in person, it turned out just how I wanted. And from what she said, she seemed to love it too! I was really happy about it. Anyways, here's the before and afters!


Cute little covered button in the center. That was SUPER easy and cute, it added just the right amount of extra detail. I am definitely going to cover buttons more often now!

The fabric was on sale at the fabric store, I used a coupon to get the new foam padding for the seat, and I got the chair at Goodwill, so it ended up being quite the affordable gift!

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