Friday, February 12, 2010

Back to the 80's ladies!

I've been really wanting to make some leg-warmers.. I mean REALLY wanting to. I finally did, and now I'm dying to make some more. They're so cute!! I just need to figure out what shoes to wear them with. The ones in the pic don't work very well, but you get the idea. I just took an old sweater and cut the sleeve off, being careful not to let it unravel. I put it on my leg so that the cuff was around my ankle, and then pinned and measured where I wanted to hem the top. My sweater fit nicely around my calf, but if you use a larger sweater, you may need to stitch along the side from the bottom to the top to make it more snug. Mine fit just fine, so I just hemmed the top edge. Scrunch them up as little or as much as you want. Couldn't get easier than that! The pic isn't great, but that's basically it! I can't wait to make some more in different colors. They're also cute with boots over top of them with just the top inch or two sticking out. Way fun, and easy!

Don't mind my ugly floor and baseboards... student housing... don't be too harsh!

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Jami & James said...

I WANT SOME! SO cute Steph!!

Prior said...

very innovative! I'm old enough to have worn them the first time around! They do keep your legs warm in an oh so stylish way. ~Lezlee

Andy's Appetite said...

oooh! I want some!! I just went thru my closet and gave away all of my sweaters. Grrrr. I like the picture with no base boards. It's more edgy that way:)