Monday, August 24, 2009

Clock - Dark to light

I am sick of everything on my entertainment center being dark, so I thought it would be a nice change to paint a dark brown clock I have, white.

I took off the hardware.. covered the insides with painters tape, and spray painted 3 coats of white paint on it.

Once it was dry, I realized I didn't have any sandpaper, but I did have some steel wool that I use for pot-scrubbing. I used that to distress the clock a little bit..

Hmm, once finished, I'm still not sure if I like it all that much. I'm not that into super-distressing stuff, but I think it needs more. Maybe I should get some sandpaper and go at it a little bit, or a lot a bit.. What do you think? It doesn't seem quite right yet...

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KimMalk said...

@ Cheap Chic Home. Hi again, I stopped at this post because I am doing the same sort of thing, but changing a light clock to ? You might want try glazing it. If you don't have glaze you might want to try watering down paint, although that will probably be messier. Good luck!