Saturday, October 10, 2009

Easy B-Day Present - $0

My daughter's little neighbor friend was having a birthday party this morning, but I didn't want to spend any money, so I just found some fabric I already had, and then put together a cute little pillow this morning. I wanted to make it have a little something special, so I got some alternating fabric to make a little letter "A" for her name on the front, and I also sewed an extra piece on the front like a little pocket.. It only took about a half hour including cutting, ironing and sewing. I already had the fabric, so it didn't cost me a dime!

I just ripped the fabric (love that! no cutting)
front piece, back piece, and a smaller piece for a pocket (same width, shorter height)

I just sewed the A onto the smaller pocket panel first and hemmed up the top edge of the pocket. I then sewed the pocket right onto the front panel.

Then I just sewed 3 sides and 3/4ths of the 4th side of the front panel to the back panel, and then flipped it right side out, filled it with poly fiberfil, and then sewed the small opening up.


Cute easy gift. You could do so many different colors or styles, and adjust it for different ages, boys or girls. And the "free" part is what I like most!


KimMalk said...

@ Cheap Chic Home. Thanks for sharing. Kids gifts get so expensive. This is a great idea. I also sew, so this will probably be on my to-do list. (I may have to get a few more kid friendly fabrics--I have greatly cleaned out my fabric stash!

Anonymous said...


Andy Porter said...

What a great idea!! You are so innovative! I'm always having birthday parties springing up out of the blue and living in EM it makes it hard to run to the store for a quick gift. I love this idea and I'm sure she'll just love the personalized gift!

Jane said...

Free is good. Especially when the kiddie parties pile up.